Rectangular LED Light Box ( Colour Changing)

Recommended Age: 3y+


This giant colour-changing slim-line light box is made from beautiful solid wood (European beech ). At 122 x 68cm it provides a large light surface area for individual study or group work between children wanting to observe, explore and discover the world around them. They will be able to colour mix and to see specimens illuminated in fine detail for easy study. The light can be set to white or using a hand-controller to any number of different selected colours (including all the primary and secondary colours). The brightness and tone can also be set to fit in with the ambient light levels in the room and colours can be made to change gradually from one colour to another or stored in the memory of the hand controller for later use. It comes with a low voltage mains power supply (cable length is 1.5m).  

Designed to perfectly fit under numerous Masterkidz resources including the:

• Rectangular Sand Tray (ME09623)

• Clear Water Play Tray (ME ME10339)

• Square Painting Tray (ME12401) 

• Bottom Light Game Tray (ME12388).  

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:122 W:68 H:8

Size (inch): L:48 W:27 H:3

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