540L Square LED Light Panel (Colour Changing with Remote Control)

Recommended Age: 3y+


This light panel will bring joy and fascination to any classroom. Being slim and lightweight it can easily be carried to wherever needed. Children will be drawn to the illuminated area, placing man-made and natural objects onto it, to examine them in greater detail. It can be used by an individual child or small groups of children interacting and communicating their thoughts collaboratively. The panel provides an even bright white light across its surface or can be dimmed to suit the brightness of the room or the ambiance of the children’s mood. In addition, children can explore the effects of light and dark, shadows, opacity and transparency and colour mixing. When transparent coloured objects are placed onto the panel the colours are light enhanced. When two different coloured transparent objects are placed onto the panel, the colours mix to create new secondary colours. A remote controller can be used to instantly change the colour of the light to any of the primary colours (red, yellow and blue) or the secondary colours (orange, purple and green) or fade gently between these. Changing the colour of the light panel will affect the colour of objects being seen by the children adding greatly to their visual experience and the fun of using the device.

For convenience and safety, the panel is powered by mains electricity reduced to 6 volts through a transformer. For further portability in use, it can also be powered by any phone charger or powerpack. 

It can be used on any table surface (as it is the same size as the Masterkidz Learning Boards) or any STEM WALL using the standard fixing frames. It is made to fit with the Movable Multi-Activity Tables (480H and 650H) and the 600 x 600 Square Tabletop (code required). It can easily be slipped under numerous other Masterkidz resources to light up and enhance their use including the: 

• Square Sand Tray (ME07216)

• Clear Square Water Play Tray (ME12395)

• Bottom Light Game Tray (ME12388)

• 3 Colour Translucent Acrylic Balls (48 Piece Set ME13040)

• 6 Colour Translucent Acrylic Cylinders (48 Piece Set ME13057) 

• Square Painting Tray (ME12401).  

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:54 W:54 H:15

Size (inch): L:21 W:21 H:6

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