Square LED Light Box ( Colour Changing)

Recommended Age: 3y+


Made to the same design and dimensions as the Square LED Light Box, this box features a full array of colours. It comes with a remote controller so can be set to any one of numerous different colours which are vivid and true based around the primary light colours of red, blue and yellow with a large array of secondary colours created from these. The device can be set to fade gently from one colour to the next and particular colours can be stored for use at a later time. When coloured transparent objects are placed on top of the panel, colour mixing occurs adding an extra dimension to learning through play.

Designed to work with the:

• Square Sand Tray (ME07216)

• Clear Square Water Play Tray (ME12395)

• Square Painting Tray (ME12401)

• Bottom Light Game Tray (ME12388)

• 600 x 600 Square Tabletop (ME13941)


Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:64 W:64 H:7

Size (inch): L:25 W:25 H:3

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