Our focus at Masterkidz is to create excellence in everything we do – that includes the design, manufacture, look and the finish of our products. And with respect to toys and educational resources the most important feature we look for is ‘play-value’. We constantly seek customer feedback to make improvements and consider the requirements of various educational curriculums worldwide to make our products relevant to these, wherever possible.


When children are young, they learn about the world around them via real and imagined ideas. Their imagination is at its peak in these early years. When they play and interact with hands-on products that they like, they become focused and absorbed in an imaginary world that they create in their heads. Toys and educational products that are fun and engaging are said to have good ‘play value’. At Masterkidz, we are continually striving to develop toys, games, equipment and furniture that promotes and encourages the greatest play value. When children are absorbed in play, they are thinking and discovery-learning so important to the development of a young mind.



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