Role play, imagination time!

As children develop, they see the world around them through eyes filled with an active imagination. As a result, they love to role play copying the people and activities they see around them. Masterkidz has a massive range of role play themed sets to support and foster this highly important aspect of growing up including a Kitchen, Hospital, Farm, Puppet Theatre, Fire Station, Food Store, Household Waste Centre and Police Station. In addition, there are all the supporting resources to bring these to life, including Kitchen Tools, Fruit and Vegetables and Dressing up Clothes. There is a Car Crash Scene for the police to investigate, a Control Centre where police can receive calls and realistic Chickens, Ducks, Eggs and Nest Boxes for farmhouse animals and much more besides. Children learn so much when they are play-cooking, play-gardening or play-shopping and they will be prompted to act out their roles and communicate together in small groups developing their vocabulary, friendships and sociability. Role play is a vital part of learning, and Masterkidz has a wonderful and unique solution for all ages and interests.


Role Play