Wall Toys will brighten your classroom

Every year since 2014, Masterkidz has introduced a new set of Wall Toys. These are visually stunning, hard wearing, eye catching educational panels that fit to the wall. There are now well over 70 different themed panels to choose from, divided into various sections such as hand-eye coordination, science, colour, mathematics, life cycles and so on. There are even panels based around ‘Loving our Planet’, focusing upon recycling, and caring for our environment. Panels provide either information (such as with Our Solar System) or challenges (such as Number Bonds to 10 or learning about different fasteners). There is something for all ages and abilities too, with inbuilt progression from very simple to challenging. A wall frame fastening system enables panels to be fitted or replaced in seconds, so there is always something new for children to see and do. In addition to individual wall toys there are two giant stunningly visual themed flexible wall mounting systems - in the design of a Train and a Caterpillar. These use the wonderful Masterkidz designed quick-change system to allow panels to be swapped at a moment’s notice. Adopting the Masterkidz Wall Toy system is an investment into an almost endless range of learning opportunities that will brighten any classroom wall or school entrance area.

Wall Toys