Handy Learning Board Toys provide a challenge for children working alone or in pairs sitting at a desk. There are so many to select from! At just 28cm square (11 inches), they are a convenient size to handle. Each board is highly focused upon a specific topic such as Light, Colour, Spatial Awareness, Logical Thinking, Creative Play and so much more. For the child who needs a little more competence in any given area there is a board just waiting to be used. They are beautifully designed and highly colourful so children will find them engaging and great fun to play with, but as they play, they will be problem solving, gaining knowledge, and becoming more confident too. The components all fit into recesses on the boards so pieces are never lost and can easily be returned to the Handy Storage Trolley ready for use on another day. While children play and learn, they will also be developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination too. 

Handy Learning Boards