Rectangular Sand Tray

Recommended Age: 3y+


This giant-sized rectangular play-tray has an unbreakable glass base. It is an impressive piece of classroom furniture and can easily be used with small groups of children for imaginative play and discovery learning. Placed on top of a light box or light panel and half filled with sand it becomes a wonderful arena for pattern and mark making. Lines and patterns drawn by children become illuminated from below as they move sand away from the glass surface. Early letter and number forming can be practiced with ease. It can be used with small world toys, characters and animals to form landscapes and imaginary worlds. After each creation is completed, the sand can be wiped flat, and another design endlessly created. Ideal for the development of fine and gross-motor skills development providing essential skills practice for writing. Wooden accessories included. Size 108x54x16cm

Works well with the:

• Rectangular LED Light Box (ME07445)

• Rectangular Clear Water Play Tray (ME10339) 

• Square Clear Water Play Tray (ME12395) 

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:108 W:55 H:16

Size (inch): L:43 W:22 H:6

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