Wooden sensory Liquid Blocks(18 Pieces) New

Recommended Age: 1y+
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Wooden Sensory Liquid Blocks (18 Pieces)

Comprising of 6 differently shaped pieces (large and small square, triangle, rectangle, semicircle, and arch) and filled with 6 differently coloured clear liquids, this set is a visual delight. Children will want to hold the pieces to their eyes to see the world around them change colour, stack them carefully on top of each other to build constructions or place two pieces together to colour mix them. For the creation of patterns, pictures and sequences or for using in small world play situations, the components are just of the right size. Made from durable beech with sealed acrylic centres they will stand the test of time in any classroom environment.



     • Highly attractive 18 Piece set of beech blocks with clear acrylic liquid filled inserts

     • 6 Differently coloured liquids – red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple

     • 6 Differently shaped blocks - large and small square, triangle, rectangle, semicircle, and arch

     • Easy to stack and build with

     • Ideal for use in small world play scene setting

     • Will improve the identification of colours, names of shapes and hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

     • Children can observe the liquid as it flows inside the blocks and will not get wet!


     • Ideal for looking through to see a colour changed world or for use on a light panel

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