Wooden sensory Sand Blocks(18 Pieces) New

Recommended Age: 1y+
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Wooden Sensory Sand Blocks (18 Pieces)

Made from beautiful European beech with clear acrylic insets this set of large building blocks all contain fine coloured sand in 8 different colours. The blocks come in 6 different shapes (large and small square, triangle, rectangle, semicircle, and arch). Such a simple design yet with so much potential for early learning including the names of colours and shapes, the development of better coordination and fine motor control. Children will engage in the creation of patterns and sequences as well as the visual and aural experience of handling the components, shaking the sand and balancing/stacking the components.



     • Highly attractive 18 Piece set of beech blocks with clear acrylic sand filled inserts

     • 8 Differently coloured sands – natural, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown and purple

     • 6 Differently shaped blocks - large and small square, triangle, rectangle, semicircle, and arch

     • Easy to stack and build with

     • Ideal for use in small world play scene setting

     • Will improve the identification of colours, names of shapes and hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills


     • Children can observe the sand as it tumbles and flows inside the blocks

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