Build-My-Castle 124 Piece Beech Wood Building Blocks New

Recommended Age: 1y+
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Build-My-Castle (124 Piece Beech Wood Building Blocks) 

This large construction set with 124 individual components takes its inspiration from the architecture of ancient castles and buildings with arches, turrets, steeples and buttresses. Children will be able to make their own castle, cathedral or a fantasy building when engaged in small world play. Even a few components can help to set the scene of a small world fantasy and these components are visually appealing and beautiful to the touch too. Children will be drawn to the pieces and will require precision to stack and arrange them. Excellent for hand-eye coordination and fine motor control too. A booklet which accompanies the set offers a range of different designs to build and copy.



     • 124 beech components

     • Visually appealing and soft to touch

     • Pieces made to reflect architectural components of ancient buildings and castles

     • Ideal for open-ended construction, fantasy building or for use in small world play

     • A colour booklet is filled with ideas of possible buildings to make

     • Ideal for both individual building or group play

     • Will improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor control

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