Mirror Set 4 Piece

Recommended Age: 2y+
08 04 03


This handy set of 4 mirror blocks is ideal for children to use to discover more about reflection and symmetry. Each block comprises of a highly reflective mirror fixed to a piece of hardwood which measures xx x xx x xxcm. The edges of the wooden blocks are flat so the mirror, at 3cm in width, can easily stand on its edges. This allows children to hold one up to examine objects or their own facial expressions or to place it on a table surface to explore the reflective symmetry of lines, drawings or images placed under it. With 4 separate mirror blocks children can work alone or in groups exploring the world around them. They can set the mirrors up at angles to each other to see the effect of multiple reflections around corners or to infinity. The use of this set can be extended using the Colour Block Set (ME04000) and Mirror Block and Dry Erase Block Set (ME04017).

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:34 W:17 H:4

Size (inch): L:13 W:7 H:2

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