Sensory House

Recommended Age: 3y+
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A set of 6 liquid filled floor tiles providing interactive tactile and visual stimulation to children who stand on them. Tiles are made from robust clear flexible plastic so that when stood upon, the liquid inside is pressed out to form wonderful shapes. At the same time, the soft sponginess of the liquid dispersing can be felt through the feet of the user creating a wonderful tactile experience. Some tiles are filled with 2 shades of the same-coloured liquid, others have 2 entirely different coloured liquids which create amazing patterns when pressed. The tiles are an amazing colourful addition to any preschool classroom but are particularly fascinating to toddlers taking their first steps encouraging better balance and gross motor skills development. With their sensory stimulation the tiles help children to have fun, relax, be focused and be calm. Perfect for use in a sensory or therapy room or for special educational needs children. The set of 6 tiles come with anti-slip backing and each one measures 500*500mm. They can be easily carried and placed wherever required.

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:70 W:49 H:74

Size (inch): L:28 W:19 H:29

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