Mirror Tray

Recommended Age: 2y+
15 08 03


This large hardwood Mirror Tray Set is ideal for children to use alone or in pairs of children discovering things collaboratively. Both the base of the tray and the central partition are mirror covered to create a reflective arena. Items placed anywhere onto the tray will produce multiple reflections - below and behind. The closer items are placed to the central partition, the less depth of field will be seen when viewed from the front of the tray. Items placed touching the central mirror partition will form beautiful new symmetrical shapes. A semi-circular block of wood for example becomes a full circle. A wonderous arena for open-ended discovery learning and small world play. Extend the use of the Mirror Tray using the sets ME04000 – Colour Blocks Set and ME 04017 Mirror Block and Dry Erase Blocks Set.Pieces are made from plywood laminated with safe acrylic mirrors. Size 47 x 47 x 8.1cm

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:47 W:47 H:22

Size (inch): L:19 W:19 H:9

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