The Toddler Arts and Crafts Set comprises of 4 components to extend and enhance toddler art and craft in your classroom. Once purchased, art becomes organised, activities quick and easy to administer and the options for creativity extended. The Toddler Art Station is designed specifically to hold a whole class supply of paints, paper, brushes, pens, scissors, glue, crayons etc at an accessible height for children. The unit provides unrivalled organisation for the teacher and creative options for the children. The Toddler Painting Window has an acrylic panel which children can paint or draw on using water based paints from both sides. This provides a surface for endless instant art which can be modified, improved or wiped entirely away in seconds using a damp cloth. The Toddler 2-Sided Floorstand Easel boasts a blackboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other for creativity using chalk or wipe-off pens. The giant-sized Toddler Floorstand Easel is single sided and rests against (or can be fixed to) a wall. At 1200mm wide it is large enough for several children working together. In addition, there are two paper roll holders for the creation of more permanent paper-based artwork. 

The set is the ideal accompaniment to organised creativity in the toddler classroom.


Art & Craft