Create a wonderful environment for early study with the Softedge Toddler Play Centre Furniture. 

Softedge Furniture is slightly larger (longer and taller) than the Toddler Range so is more suited to slightly older children. There are more components in the set too providing more options to endlessly develop your own layout. There are 5 long units (1220mm) and three different end/centre units (4 Way, 90 degrees and 45 degrees). These can be used to form a central island, end a run, fill a space or snake the longer units off in different directions. In addition, there is a separate book rack made in the same Softedge styling. 

All of the long units have a top surface set at 430mm for easy access by children standing to work, observing, studying or playing. Underneath, there is a large amount of room for the storage of resources, puzzles, games, toys and books. The ends  and table surface lips all have distinctive large radius rounded and polished edges for safety and to prevent items from falling off when in use. To add variety, there are units with open backs, closed backs, mirrored backs and mirrored tops.


SoftEdge Series