Let's build!

Having a range of different construction sets available in every classroom is a must. Children love to build and create towers and to make buildings such as castles and palaces. They like to create imaginary towns and environments too. Building components are useful in everyday play, such as in the sandpit or as props in small-world play scenes. Building is great fun and immediately transports children away from a 2-dimensional flat world to a 3-dimensional one. Masterkidz has a fantastic range of construction kits from small pieces to giant ones that the children can interact with. There are highly coloured Gemstone Blocks, Rainbow Blocks and acrylic Translucent Coloured Blocks. Whenever children stack or carefully place blocks, they are developing their hand-eye coordination, balancing pieces, using fine and gross motor skills and discovering via hands-on play about the effects of gravity and balance. When they place pieces into a scene that they have invented, they are developing and projecting their active imagination. The Interchangeable Translucent Stacking Men sets require careful placing to create wonderful towers of acrobatic men which can be made to balance both upright and upside down within the same construction! These also include an extra dimension of numbers and letters too.