Learning through our senses

Masterkidz has a huge range of products aimed at explaining our senses through the how we Hear, Smell, Taste, Feel and See Learning Boards as well as resources to excite and to challenge our senses. These include Mirror Resources (such as Numbers, Shapes and Letters), Learning Boards (focusing upon Touch, Colours, Light etc.), Construction Sets made from colourful acrylic and hardwood, Light Panels and furniture such as Light Tables, immersive Triangular Mirrors as well as a range of Sand and Water Trays (which are made to fit on top of Light Boxes). There are Tactile Training Sets and numerous resources covering our sense of touch and Sensory Liquid Tiles to challenge our sense of balance and touch. No classroom should be without Hand Magnifiers which will be in constant demand. The large Masterkidz magnifiers, like so many of our products, are beautifully designed and made, are age appropriate, easy to hold, and made to last.

Sensory Training