Mathematics and Science resources to excite and stimulate learning

Masterkidz as a company has focused on STEM Learning since its inception in 2014, so it is no surprise to find such a depth and breadth of Science and Mathematics products available for all ages and abilities. In Science, topics covered include early understanding of the Human Body, Temperature, The Earth in Space, Magnetism, Life Cycles, the importance of caring for our fragile environment and so much more. In Mathematics there is Counting, Addition, Proportion, Number Bonds, Shapes, Symmetry and so much more. But in some ways more important than the subject matter is the clever design of these covetous educational resources that makes them such potent learning devices. They foster observation, communication, understanding by hands-on manipulation (so much better for conceptual understanding than anything else) and they promote questioning, reasoning and critical-thinking as well as greater hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. A great start for the next generation of our young technologists!

Science & Mathematics