Balance Training Bars - Plywood New

Recommended Age: 2y+


Balance is an important part of early coordination, walking and physical development. This set of 5 balance beams can be set up to provide a challenge for children, one balance beam at a time, until children feel confident to walk along all 5 pieces connected together. Internal joints provide options to send the children along a straight line or around different angles and the surfaces of all of the beams are decorated differently with arrows, shapes, colours, feet, fruit, numbers and so on. Children can call out the names of these patterns as they balance to add to their vocabulary and concentration. 



  • Made from super strong plywood
  • Includes 5 balance beams, 3 double joining bases and 2 single end bases
  • All balance beams are individually decorated differently on both sides
  • Will improve coordination and gross motor skills
  • Children can call out the names of the objects they see as they walk on them
  • Various skills games can be devised around them
  • Dimensions – Each beam measures 780mm long, 110mm wide and 18mm thick

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:78 W:11 H:2

Size (inch): L:31 W:4 H:1

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