Tiny City - A Spatial Relationship Learning Game

Recommended Age: 3y+
21 11 05 04


The Tiny City set comprises of blocks representing buildings, trees and cars. They are accompanied by a baseboard which has a regular hole pattern grid on its surface so that pieces can be arranged at set distances apart, forming streets and roadways. Building blocks are colour-coded too so they are easily identified and underneath they are keyed, so they fit together in a particular way. They are clearly marked with numbers and dots too and they are ‘size-proportional’ with a yellow building being the smallest 1-unit block – and red being a 4-unit block. There are so many uses for this set, with counting, observation and fine motor development at the heart of all activities, but there are also many more things to do which are explained within the excellent pictorial user guide; for example, making a sequence, according to height, stacking different buildings to make the same ‘pre-set-height’. Making a city where cars can pass between the buildings and of course free play too are all possible. With so many pieces and opportunities, setting and solving ever more complex tasks are also possible with this set. A fun resource, with highly focused challenges which will help children with their understanding of size, proportion, spatial-awareness and logic.

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:38 W:38 H:13

Size (inch): L:15 W:15 H:5

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