Sorting and Grouping Shapes & Colours

Recommended Age: 2y+
10 08 07 02


This board sets a challenge to complete a matrix board using wooden tiles. The pieces represented are a square, a circle and a triangle in red, yellow and blue. All the pieces are first removed and then the edge components are placed to set the challenge. These stipulate the contents of the rows and columns. For example, column 1 might be red components, row 1 might be triangles. If so, the child must select a red triangle to fit into position 1 in column 1. With a focus upon shape and colour the board will encourage a greater use of the correct vocabulary and require excellent concentration and fine-motor skills to complete it correctly. 

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:28 W:28 H:23

Size (inch): L:11 W:11 H:9

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