Tactile Training Shape Teaching Set (Tray Included)

Recommended Age: 3y+
15 04 03


As part of children’s mastery of mathematics, they will need to become familiar with 3 dimensional shapes and their properties. This set comprising of 12 solid beech wood pieces is ideal for children to use. Pieces can be individually removed and placed into a tray with recesses following a discussion about the number of faces, edges and corners. They are also great to use in a guessing game of ‘identify the unknown shape by touch alone’ using a blindfold or the Touch and Guess Box ME04055. The handy storage box measures 20 x 20 x 5.3 cm. 

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:20 W:20 H:5

Size (inch): L:8 W:8 H:2

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