Touch and Guess Box

Recommended Age: 3y+
15 04 03


Children love a riddle so what could be more exciting than discovering what a mystery item is, using touch and feel alone. They can ask themselves, 'Is it soft and furry or hard and textured? Is it light or heavy? Is it warm or cold? Is it smooth or sharp?'. The excitement is almost too much to take and will promote great enthusiasm and conversation. The stimulation of feeling an object and then decoding what it might be and communicating these thoughts to an adult or fellow explorer provides endless educational benefits. Made from plywood, the box measures 33 x 28 x 22cm. Ideal for use with the Material Feeling Set ME05359 and the Shape Teaching Set ME05342.

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:33 W:28 H:22

Size (inch): L:13 W:11 H:9

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