Candy Kingdom - Orange Slice New

Recommended Age: 1y+
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Candy Kingdom - Orange Slice

Using just 2 shapes, this puzzle provides a very interesting first puzzle-solving challenge. There are 6 regular shaped orange segments (all the same) and 2 pieces of orange peel. These appear on top of a baseboard and can be removed one at a time and replaced. All the pieces can be removed and replaced - and at a higher level, all the pieces can be removed and assembled without the baseboard as a guide. The design of the puzzle is visually stunning and the pieces are clear and soft to the touch. Picking and placing them will help with visualisation, fine motor control and coordination.



     • Puzzle with colourful acrylic and wooden components 

     • Limited number of components (6 orange segments and 2 orange peel outer pieces)

     • Pieces fit into a baseboard to make a complete slice of orange 

     • Building the puzzle can be carried out on top of the baseboard (easy) or built away from the baseboard (more difficult)

     • Improves observation, picking and placing skills

     • Ideal and magical when used on a light panel

     • Beautiful to observe, hold, feel describe and play with


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