Candy Kingdom - Sun Flower New

Recommended Age: 1y+
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Candy Kingdom - Sunflower

This wonderful puzzle is visually stunning and combines a variety of materials – a beech wood centre, a plywood base and clear acrylic petals. Children can handle the pieces and count the components. How many petals are there? Are they all the same colour? At a puzzle-solving first level the children can try to find the right piece to place in the right orientation on the base board to recreate the image, but once mastered they can be challenged to build the whole flower without the baseboard in place. Picking and placing pieces in the right place will help with visualisation, fine motor control and coordination. A beautiful and fascinating and challenging first puzzle.



     • Puzzle with colourful acrylic and wooden components 

     • Limited number of components (12 petals and one centrepiece) 

     • Pieces fit to a baseboard to make a sunflower

     • Building the puzzle can be carried out on top of the baseboard (easy) or built away from the baseboard (more difficult)

     • Improves observation, picking and placing skills

     • Ideal and magical when used on a light panel

     • Beautiful to observe, hold, feel describe and play with


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