Candy Kingdom - Happy Family New

Recommended Age: 1y+
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Candy Kingdom - Happy Family

This stunning set of clear acrylic blocks is made to be held and observed. The blocks are ultra clear yet highly coloured and are shaped to represent a small scene. Pieces can be introduced to small children one at a time – a house, a door, a person, a car, a tree in the garden and so on. Or they could be offered to a child or small group of children all at once. Each component has its own colour or shade which is quite subtle. The set can be used on a desktop or added to other small world toys and characters to bring added colour to the scene. Pieces lend themselves to being used on a light panel too as they will illuminate spectacularly and are also ideal for colour mixing.



     • Set of highly polished clear yet colourful acrylic blocks

     • Pieces form a scene including a house, car, trees, cat, people and front door

     • Good for story telling

     • Useful as props in small world play 

     • Beautiful to observe, hold, feel describe and play with

     • Ideal and magical when used on a light panel


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