Renewable Energy and Non-Renewable Energy

Recommended Age: 3y+
24 23 06


This Learning Board is split into two halves. The lefthand side shows an unhappy Earth with the damaging effects of fossil fuels as well as radioactive energy.  The righthand side shows a happy Earth with people using only renewable energy such as wind power, hydropower and solar power.  Push buttons and lights on the board, show how different types of energy are affecting our lives. There is a real solar-powered roof panel lighting up a room in the house, there is a hydroelectric power-generator (which can be hand-cranked) to enable children to understand how electricity can be generated from water flow.

Non-Renewable Energy .

Today, most of the world’s energy comes from fossil fuels (gas, petrol, diesel, coal and oil). It is primarily what we use for electricity, heat, and transportation. The burning of fossil fuels causes air pollution which is harmful to the health of humans and the planet and can lead to global warming.

Renewable Energy

Various types of renewable energy are being explored to tackle the effects of climate change. They include solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, and other emerging ideas such as tidal wave power etc. By using natural energy sources, we will not increase planetary pollution.

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:46 W:9 H:46

Size (inch): L:18 W:4 H:18

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