Recommended Age: 3y+
24 23 06


The Earth in space, is a fascinating subject that will capture every child’s imagination. Even though scientists have looked deep into space they have only ever discovered life on one planet – Earth! 

We know so many things about our planet and about our solar system and space beyond. We know our planet is magnetic, that it has an atmosphere containing a variety of life supporting gases, that the temperature on earth means we are not too hot or too cold. We have water in abundance, which is naturally available as ice and as a liquid. We have a moon which has a gravitational pull on the earth causing the sea tides. The rotation of the earth on its axis means we have day which lasts for 24 hours and as it orbits around the sun (taking a year), it tilts towards and away from it creating the 4 seasons. Inside the earth various layers exist some of them boiling hot with molten rock. These sometimes break out of the surface layer as volcanic eruptions. Many of these things are shown on this amazing learning board. Touch buttons light up corresponding graphical representations of these things. 

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:46 W:5 H:46

Size (inch): L:18 W:2 H:18

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