Sorting and Grouping Objects & Sizes

Recommended Age: 2y+
10 09 02


This logic-based learning board focusses children on the idea of small, medium and large. It will test their ability to see and understand pictures of components and to be able to arrange them correctly on the matrix board. There are 5 object sets depicting different familiar objects or things in three sizes. These include ducks, cars, apples, teddy bears and planes. Using the guide tiles (placed on the edges of the matrix) the children will need to select the correct picture tile and place it in the correct position – such as the medium car in row 2 of the matrix. Once complete, the edge tiles can be moved around to set another challenge. A good way to introducing new vocabulary such as large, larger, small, smaller, medium etc.

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:28 W:28 H:4

Size (inch): L:11 W:11 H:2

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