Shape and Symmetry Learning Board

Recommended Age: 2y+
16 07 03 02


The Shape and Symmetry Board has 9 regular square shaped tiles. Each tile is painted a different colour (for easy identification) and is divided into two equal parts. On the front of each tile there is a solid shape painted on it, such as a square, a triangle and a rectangle but when the two halves of the tile are separated these shapes divide too, creating new shapes. For example, a square becomes two rectangles, a circle becomes two semi-circles. This division provides a line of ‘reflective symmetry’. On the reverse of the tiles the shape appears as an outline, which can be mixed and matched with the solid shape or together with the other lined half. The observation, selection, placing and naming of these shapes will enhance a child’s vocabulary and ability to understand shape manipulation and reflective symmetry.

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:28 W:28 H:2

Size (inch): L:11 W:11 H:1

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