200L x 200H Triangular Wall Panel 2 Piece Set

Recommended Age: 3y+
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The basic component of a STEM WALL is a plastic tile with precise holes moulded into its surface. This is fitted to any classroom wall and surrounded by as many tiles as needed to completely cover the wall space available. The tiles come in various shapes and sizes so they can be fitted from the floor to the ceiling, around windows and doors and all the voids covered neatly.

The holes accept push-in pegs, shapes and gemstones and for a more permanent fixing, screws. 

Once in place, there are literally hundreds of learning opportunities available to children from kindergarten age and up. Chunky colourful pegs can be easily handled by toddlers and soon they will discover patterns, pictures, mosaics and much more besides. As the child develops and progresses so too do the challenges and resources available to the STEM WALL. Children will love the realistic spanner, screwdriver and socket tools as they begin to experience genuine engineering construction for themselves. They can even mechanise the process using a working electric power tool. Gears with a central bearing can be meshed with ease to make long, working gear trains and there is a water chute and marble run system and much more besides. The investment in a STEM WALL will be money well spent presenting an open-ended world of discovery every day! 

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:20 W:6 H:20

Size (inch): L:8 W:2 H:8

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