51 Pieces Translucent Geometric Shapes Set

Recommended Age: 3y+


A large set of geometric shapes made from durable clear acrylic in a variety of colours. Children will be able to handle and name the common shapes with ease and learn some less common ones too. When placed onto a light table, children will be able to design patterns and make pictures as well as identify and mix colours by stacking pieces on top of each other. When held to the eye, the world around them will change colour too. Ideal for use on any of the Masterkidz LED Light Panels which will add greatly to the learning experience. For easy storage, a robust stackable box is provided (22 x 20 x 9cm).

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:22 W:20 H:9

Size (inch): L:9 W:8 H:4

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