Magnetism Discovery Board

Recommended Age: 3y+
24 15


The Magnetism Discovery board is a first STEM resource with 4 separate components which brilliantly introduce magnetism to young scientists and engineers! There is a removeable bar and giant horseshoe magnet to enable children to test objects to find out if they are magnetic or not. And when placed together they can experience attraction and repulsion. A compass can be used to find the Earth’s magnetic north pole and to better understand that the Earth is itself a giant magnet. And an iron filings window allows the children to carefully pick up and drop the filings into designs of their own making. Magnets appear to have magical properties and children will love the opportunity to hold, use and discover their inner secrets. 

Product Dimensions:

Size (cm): L:28 W:28 H:4

Size (inch): L:11 W:11 H:2

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